latest version Electrical Symbols Quiz 1.4 MOD (Unlimited Money)

latest version Electrical Symbols Quiz 1.4 MOD Unlimited Money

latest version A free download game for android

Latest Version of Download Electrical Symbols Quiz MOD (MOD, Unlimited /Coins/Money) Download – for android Educational Mobile Game Detail.

Game Electrical Symbols Quiz
Mobile Requirements Android
Category Educational
Installed 10,000+
Size MB
Developer (Google)
Google PlayStore ID com.eladeforwa.esquiz

Download Electrical Symbols Quiz Game Screenshot

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Android Mobile Electrical Symbols Quiz Game with Latest version of MOD file, Electrical Symbols Quiz is new Mobile Game. Download links are available below the post of Electrical Symbols Quiz game, all download links of Electrical Symbols Quiz are working properly and download fast from google playstore.

Short description of Electrical Symbols Quiz Mod Game – Electrical Symbols Quiz is a quiz game made up of all electrical symbols. Each level has 12 electrical symbols that you will have to identify. You need a minimum of 60 points to cross to the next level. Getting 1 correct answer gives you a score of 5 points, you lose 3 points if you give a wrong answer, seeking help will cost you 2 points. You can watch a video ad to get more points. You can play with symbols such as:
-Step down transformer
-Step up transformer
-Electric bell
-Three pole isolator
-Connected wires
-Not connected wires
-SPST toggle switch
-SPDT toggle switch
-Earth ground
-Chassis ground
-Digital/Common ground
-Variable resistor(IEC)
-Variable resistor(IEEE)
-Trimmer resistor
-Light bulb
-Non polarized capacitor
-Polarized capacitor
-Variable capacitor
-Variable inductor
-Iron core inductor
-AC Voltage source
-DC Voltage source
-Current source
-Battery cell
-Control voltage source
-Control current source
-Zener diode
-Schottky diode
-PN junction diode
-Photo diode
-Varicap diode(Varactor)
-Tunnel diode
-Light Emitting diode(LED)
-Electric motor
-NPN Bipolar transistor
-PNP Bipolar transistor
-Loud speaker
-Analog to digital converter
-Digital to analog converter
-Operational amplifier
-Schmitt trigger
-Crystal oscillator
-Dipole antenna
-NOT gate (Inverter)
-AND gate
-OR gate
-NAND gate
-NOR gate
-XOR gate
-D Flip-Flop
-Multiplexer 2 to 1
-Multiplexer 4 to 1
-Demultiplexer 1 to 2
-Demultiplexer 1 to 4
-Open switch
-Closed switch
-Half inductor
-Saw tooth
-Step function
-Solder bridge
-Sinusoidal generator
-Pulse generator
-Triangular wave generator
-Basic amplifier
-Center tapped transformer
-Milli ammeter
-Milli voltmeter
-Micro ammeter
-Light dependent resistor(IEC)
-Light dependent resistor(IEEE)
-AC contactor coil
-DC contactor coil
-AC solenoid coil
-DC solenoid coil
-Iron core center tapped inductor
-Ferrite core center tapped inductor
-Current transformer
-Constant current source
-Constant current diode
-Circuit breaker
-Center tapped inductor
-DIP switch
-Laser diode
-Electrical interlock
-Bridge rectifier
-4-pole isolator
-Feed through capacitor
-Loop antenna
-Flashing led
-Normally open limit switch
-Normally close limit switch
-DPDT switch
-DPST switch
-Normally close contact
-Normally open push button
-Fused isolator
-Contactor poles
-Three phase supply
-Thermal relay
-Squirrel cage induction motor
-Wound rotor induction motor
-Normally open timer contact
-Normally close timer contact
-Emergency stop push button
-Tri state buffer
-Power outlet
-XNOR gate
-Three phase induction motor
-Emergency switch
-Normally open thermal relay contact
-Normally close thermal relay contact
-N-channel FET
-P-channel FET
-Cathod Ray Oscilloscope (CRO)
-DC motor
-Photo transistor
-Photo darlington
-Single phase motor
-Relay coil
-Relay switch
-Solenoid valve
-AC to DC converter
-DC to AC converter
-DC to DC converter
-Cavity resonator
-Ceramic resonator
-Coaxial cable
-Crystal microphone
-Current limiting diode
-Darlington transistor
-Delay line
-Globe valve
-Butterfly valve
-Gate valve
-Ball valve
-Star winding configuration
-Delta winding configuration
-Lab winding configuration
-Wave winding configuration
-Female contact
-Male contact
-Female plug
-Male plug
-Normally open flow switch
-Normally close flow switch
-Normally open level sensor
-Normally close level sensor
-Enhancement MOSFET
-Depletion MOSFET
-Solar cell
-Thermal switch
-Solar panel
-Gunn diode
-Single phase motor
-Touch sensor
-Noise source
-Power factor meter
-Energy meter
-Diaphram valve
Unlock all 23 levels of electrical symbols.
Improved user experience.

Whats New

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  • unlimited Hacks
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  • unlimited Unknow item
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